While I don't know what your next scanner will be, I do know that you should take a close look at Visioneer's new sheet-fed model 8650 before buying anything else.

I confidently write this because the 8650 solves the two greatest problems that I commonly hear real estate agents, and other small-business people, complain about: paper size and speed.

For business users, a scanner's resolution and quality is meaningless if it only handles letter-sized documents and you need to scan a stack of legal-sized form.

Since the 8650 will scan both, it's truly in a field of its own for the business user on a budget.

Additionally, no matter how fast a scanner is rated for a single sheet scan, if you have to open and close the cover in order to scan the next page then you'll never become more productive using such a standard scanner.

This is where the 8650 really shines as it's likely the best sheet-fed scanner available for less than $300. With an auto-document feeder that holds 50 pages, you can drop down an entire closing package, press one button and you're done. Granted, it may take the scanner a while to complete the job, but at least you don't have to supervise the job.

To make matters even better, Visioneer scanners come with Scansoft's Paperport Deluxe, which is arguably the best document management software for both individuals and small offices.

Paperport deluxe will enable you to effortlessly organize and share your scanned documents as well as converting them into text, should you want to edit the contents of documents you scan.

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Then, take a close look at the 8650 and you'll be surprised at just how much functionality is included for a very modest price. You can also link to Visioneer's online resellers, most of which offer better prices and may have additional units in stock.

On the other hand, if your scanning needs are modest, then you might like the Visioneer Strobe, the model I've personally used for years.


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