While some long-time Palm users are incredibly adept at entering lots of information into their Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) using the included Graffiti character recognition, most of us could use a little help.

While external keyboards are now commonly available for most PDA models with prices ranging as low as $50, they still require typing skills, something else to buy and yet another gadget to carry around in your no doubt excessively overstuffed briefcase.

While a keyboard might be the answer for some users, before you buy one, be sure to try out a little program called Word Complete first.

Word Complete does pretty much what the name suggests. As you enter characters in your handwriting, it will automatically provide a drop down list of potential words as you go along.

For example, as you enter the first four characters for the word "closing" the drop down list provides:

"closing, closure, closest, closures and closes"

If any of these are the word you want to enter, you simply use your stylus to select that word. As you enter more letters, the drop down list changes to suggest new possible selections.

The program works in the background as an add-on utility. This means that whether you're scheduling an appointment, writing a memo or drafting an email it's always actively providing word suggestions for you to choose from.

For user convenience, you can also choose when the program begins providing drop-down lists, how many selections it should display and how long the words it offers should be.

For instance, I find that I prefer to have Word Complete provide drop-down lists only after I enter the first four letters, and to list five selections at a time, all beginning with at least five letters.

Of course, you may choose the settings that you personally find most convenient, and that's the really great part of this program.

If you're using a PDA that operates off the Palm Operating System (Palm, Handspring, Sony, TRGPro, HandEra) and want a copy of this program for yourself (it's free) simply visit my web site and stop by the Product page.

You'll find Word Complete under the "Favorite Windows and Palm Utilities" section and I am sure you'll find this to be one of the most useful Palm-based utilities you've ever used.


Copyrighted with all rights reserved by Stephen M. Canale