One of the nicest things about W95 is the ability to put files and programs you use every day right on your desktop. Unfortunately, it can be somewhat inconvenient when you've got half a dozen programs running and suddenly need to clear them away to access your desktop!

There's two very powerful (and seldom used) ways to "minimize" all of your running programs at once.

The mouse method: Simply move your mouse to the bottom of the screen over any empty portion of the task bar (where no program bars are displayed) and then right click. You will be presented with a menu that includes the "minimize all" option which will give you instant access to your desktop!

The keyboard method: To achieve the same results without using your mouse, press the Windows key (or the Ctrl & Esc keys if you don't have a Windows keyboard) to activate the start menu. Then press the Esc key to make the start menu drop down. Finally, press the Alt & M keys to complete the "minimize all" keyboard shortcut!


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