Over the last few months, it has become obvious that most people attending my seminars are quite impressed with my ability to "surf the web" without actually being online.

Typically, what intrigues agents the most is the idea of being able to show off their own personal web sites to buyers and sellers during open houses and listing presentations, respectively.

What a great idea!

While I use several different tools to achieve this result, the most effective is also the cheapest - as in free!

The later versions of Internet Explorer (anything above 5.x) offers quite a few new functional enhancements. However, the most impressive is the ability to capture web pages for viewing offline.

How it works is simple. Whenever you choose to add a website to your "favorites" there's now a checkbox for "Make available offline" and selecting this option is all you have to do!

After that, any pages you visit from links on that site will be stored to your local hard drive for viewing offline in the future.

Thus, if you want to display a website (yours or anyone else's) offline, you simply need to be online once, in order to visit all of the links you'll want to present later. If your site has 10 pages, just follow links to load each one once, and that's it!

Now, when you're in front of your client, customer or an audience, all you need to do is start IE and choose the saved site from you "favorites." If you're offline, the browser will ask if you would like to view "offline" or if you want to "connect." Choose "offline" and you'll now be able to display all of the pages you had previously visited!

NOTE: You perform also this magic with existing "favorites" by editing their "properties" and selecting the "make available offline" checkbox from there.

ADVANCED USER TIP: There's just one limitation, you can't save pages that are accessed through a search function, only by following links. So, if your site has a "link" to your listings, you're all set. But, if instead, you have a search script to access your listings, then you'll simply need to save each listing as a separate link.

For this reason, and quite a few others, if you're still working with an older version of IE, it's time to upgrade. And, yes, it's still free.


Copyrighted with all rights reserved by Stephen M. Canale