With just about everyone creating their own marketing pieces nowadays, a common question that comes up is just how to insert special characters into flyers, post cards, business cards and web pages.

Fortunately, there's a very simple utility called "Character Map" that comes standard with Windows and will work with just about any software on your computer.

Whether you need the graphics for registered trademarks or copyrights, mathematical symbols or simply want some simple arrows and stars to enhance your designs, and regardless of whether you're using PageMaker, Publisher or just about any other software application, Character Map will make the process a snap!

If Character Map isn't already on your menu (typically under "Programs" and then "Accessories") you can start it by selecting "Run" from the start menu and typing "charmap" in the dialog box.

Once launched, what you'll see is the current font name and all of the letters, numbers and special symbols available within that particular font.

All it takes to use any of the characters in your marketing pieces is three short steps:

1) "Left Mouse-Click" the image of your choice and this will place the item in the "Images To Copy" box.

2) Click on the "Copy" Button.

3) Switch to your marketing piece and "Paste" the image anywhere you like.

It's just that easy!

Be sure to use the drop-down list of fonts to explore all of the various symbols and images available on your computer as each font has it's own collection of unique images. You'll probably find you have several fonts that don't even contain text or numbers, but instead are comprised of nothing but graphics!

Also, if Character Map isn't currently loaded on your system, it can be loaded from your original Windows installation CD.


Copyrighted with all rights reserved by Stephen M. Canale