If you're going to go digital with your photography, one of the most important steps to take toward productivity is cutting the download cable.

Taking digital photos and then having to wait to transfer those photos to your computer through a cable (as many do) is truly working with one hand behind tied behind your back.

Not only might the cable be back at the office, and thus inaccessible, but transferring photos this way is like watching paint dry. It's painfully slow, and especially so if you're taking high-resolution photos.

If you've got a camera that uses either "compact flash" or "smart media" cards (and most do) then all you really need is a PCMCIA card adapter (often simply called PC Card adapters) to plug either of those cards directly into your notebook computer.

These adapters cost anywhere from just $8 to $40 (the compact flash adapters are less expensive) and are worth every cent.

Once you've got the right adapter for your camera, all you need to do is pop out the card, slide it into the adapter and plug the whole thing into your notebook computer.

The advantages to doing this are many.

If you don't have a camera that uses "compact flash" or "smart media" cards then make sure your next one does! The camera's themselves will be faster, smaller and more reliable.


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