Today just about every email software or service allows you to apply an automatic "signature" message to each of your outgoing emails.

Thoughtful use of this feature can build business. Poor use of a signature message can tarnish other's perceptions of your professionalism.

Then again, too many e-mail users (based on messages I receive) are not using this feature at all and are missing out on a powerful business building tool altogether.

Tips on creating and using an effective signature file.

For example, my signature file contains the following:

Stephen M. Canale - CRB, CRS, GRI, RAM
Speaker, Trainer, Author - Stephen@Canale.com
Preparing Professionals To Compete In Tomorrow's Marketplace (tm)

Get "Canale's Tips & Tricks" at:

In four lines, it tells anyone reading any message I send:

- A little bit about me
- How to reach me (both e-mail and telephone)
- What I do for a living
- A reason to visit my site

The only graphical manipulation I've used is the addition of one single blank line to create a little "white space" between the contact information and the reason to visit my web site.

On the other hand, if I were still selling real estate full time, then my signature would need a few changes. For example:

Stephen M. Canale - CRB, CRS, GRI, RAM
- IRED "Top 10" Site
REALTOR - 734.481.9000 - Stephen@Canale.com
Professional service in Ann Arbor, MI and Washtenaw County

In the same amount of space, I can achieve similar results by identifying what I do, where I do it, how to reach me and the fact that my site is probably worth visiting.

By keeping it short, yet specific, I can almost be assured that it will be read. Additionally, if the reader is interested in real estate in my area, they will likely visit my site.


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