There's no doubt that the digital camera has come of age. Everyone either has one, or is planning on getting one soon!

A few thoughts, and a few tips for both groups of people.

When considering what to buy, keep in mind:

When you have a digital camera:

You can use specially coated paper to print "realistic" photos for those backwards thinking MLS's that won't accept digital images. Right now the Kodak Inkjet paper seems to be the best buy at $10 - $12 for 15 sheets.

Learn to use the "focus lock" and exposure +/- adjustment - if your camera supports these. In our business, were always shooting the living/dining/family rooms with bright light coming in the window. All cameras have a tough time with this, so you'll need to compensate with the above tools.

Take advantage of the macro-mode for close up photography. Imagine shooting a copy of the old MLS ticket, mortgage, tax bill etc. while they're still on the kitchen table! Not only does this save you from carting mountains of paperwork back and forth, but also this will blow the sellers away.

This is especially powerful if YOU act like it's no big deal and that every professional does this. Best of all, this makes your competition look like they’re way behind you in terms of technology professionalism.

Use low or economy resolution settings when taking photos for on-screen presentations, e-mail attachments or the Internet. High resolution only affects printing, so you'll be able to take more photos and they will download faster this way!


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