Despite the growing availability of Internet access from a host of locations there are still times that you might want to review a web site, but are without a convenient connection to the Web.

While most browsers offer options for off-line viewing, these tend to be limited in their capabilities, to say the least.

A new tool available from Aignes, Local Website Archive (LWA) does a pretty good job of saving Web sites to your hard drive for reliable off-line viewing.

While the program doesn't attempt to download entire web sites (which would be too complicated and take far too long) you can quickly and easily grab specific pages for later review.

Additionally, saved pages can be organized into various folders, allowing you to organize your off-line pages for later review.

While LWA isn't likely to change the way you access and review Web content, it does offer interesting opportunities for displaying Web sites in business related presentations. Common scenarios where this functionality would be quite useful:

For educators and trainers who need to present Web content in educational settings Managers who needs to review sites in committee meetings Business professionals who would benefit by having the ability to highlight their Web site during presentations to customers and clients. Researchers who need to capture Web content for analysis and review For any of these uses, and likely quite a few more, LWA would make an excellent addition to your software toolbox.

While very efficient in its storage and retrieval, documentation is somewhat lacking and the program's navigation and operation are not particularly intuitive; so some patience and practice will be required.

Free to individuals for personal use (with a limit of 100 stored pages) the Pro version costs a very reasonable $20 and is well worth the money.

Visit for more information and to download a trial version.


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