For the past several years I've been an advocate of getting a permanent email address and having your mail forwarded to your actual ISP. However, if you have your own domain, and are already paying for web hosting, this may no longer be the best solution.

For example, I've used Stephen@Canale.com as my email address since my first days on the web, even though I've changed ISP's more than a dozen times. Each time I changed access providers, I've simply had my web site host automatically forward my email to my new ISP.

However, almost all web site hosts now offer POP (Post Office Protocol) accounts in addition to simple email forwarding - typically without any additional cost.

This means that if you have your web site professionally hosted, you can most likely retrieve your email directly from the host's server, without the need for forwarding.

Taking advantage of this option means no more email forwarding, changing your forwarding address or worrying about mail not being reliably relayed to your ISP provided email account.

For instance, any email sent to canale.com now waits on the host's server for me to check, regardless of which ISP I'm using at any given moment. This can be done with any standard email program, though I personally prefer Eudora Pro.

This also makes it easier to segregate your email, using your ISP email account for personal use (for example) while keeping your web hosted domain account strictly for business.

If you're paying for web site hosting, contact them to see if this feature is available to you. You'll probably be glad you did!


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