If you haven't already done so, put this on your to-do list: Get Signature Scanned!

I've had an electronic file of my signature for years now, and find it to be more useful each day.

Once you have your signature scanned, you can add color to it (mine's in blue) and then can then sign a growing portion of your communications electronically.

Most contact managers and word processors will allow you to import your signature. This means that I can send hundreds of personalized letters, each one signed in blue ink, without ever picking up a pen.

Additionally, with fax software, not only can I receive forms and contracts directly into my notebook computer; but I can fill them out, "sign" them, and then fax them back out - all without ever printing them to paper.

Of course, this solution is only a temporary solution, but it will suffice until true "digital signatures" become a more common part of our daily use of technology. But, until then, you can use your scanned signature quite successfully.


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