If you're a Windows XP user, then you'll love the "Image Resizer" PowerToy from Microsoft that almost seems to have been designed with real estate agents in mind. After all, what profession takes more digital photographs, and then needs to resize them for a variety of needs, than real estate?

Once installed, Image Resizer efficiently adds a "Resize Pictures" option to the right-mouse button drop-down menu whenever a standard graphic (JPG, GIF, TIF, etc.) is selected. Not only can you select images for resizing from Windows Explorer, but also from most other programs as well. The result of this handy integration is that you can quickly and easily resize images from within most email software programs, just prior to attaching the pictures to an outgoing email.

When you choose the "Resize Image" option from the right-mouse drop-down, you'll be presented with four basic options:

While there may be many reasons to choose any of these preformatted sizes, it is the "Small" and "Handheld" options that will likely be of greatest use for real estate professional.

The "Handheld" size is perfect for use when sending a number of property photographs attached to a single email, and also for resizing images for use on a web page. Alternatively, the "Small" option may be preferred when emailing a single property photograph to a customer or client.

For perspective, I resized a 1.1 mega pixel photograph to both "Small" and "Handheld" sizes, which reduced the file to 91K and 13K respectively. This substantial reduction in file size will enable you to email pictures to your customers and clients in much less time.

What makes this utility even better is that under the default settings, Image Resizer will not alter your original pictures, which you may very well want to retain for high-resolution printing. While you can override this setting if you prefer, the standard resizing option will create a copy of the original, and name it accordingly.

For instance, resizing a file named "7934 Glenview.jpg" creates a copy named "7934 Glenview (Small)" which makes locating the newly resized image a snap.

Likely the greatest time savings will come from the ability to select multiple photographs and then to resize them all at once. From a real estate agent's perspective, this means that immediately after transferring digital images from your camera to your computer you can instantly creates resized duplicates for use on your web site, and also for email, all with one single mouse selection.

It's important to note that the XP "Image Resizer" is not an officially supported Microsoft program, but instead an "extra" that you can download and install to any Windows XP system.

The link for downloading the Image Resizer is:


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