While I'm no fan of big flatbed scanners, I have been testing several personal desktop units over the years and am pleased to give the thumbs-up to the Visoneer Strobe Pro.

Measuring just 11" x 3 1/2" this unit packs quite a punch! It's perfect for document management and the occasional photograph - just what the average real estate agent needs! For $249 or less, it's a real time saving technology investment.

What makes the Strobe so unique is that it's a "sheet-fed" scanner. There's no lid to keep opening and closing. Instead, you simply stick your documents into the front of the unit, and it spits them out the back!

This feature makes scanning documents as small as a register receipt or as large as a legal document a snap.

The best part isn't even the hardware, but the document management software that comes with it. Pop in a document and it runs its own software automatically. Want to save it to a folder, just drop and drag the new document there. Want to fax it? E-mail or print? Again, just drop and drag!

Need to search all of your saved documents? No problem! Convert a scanned document to regular text or import directly into your word processor. It's actually EASY!

The learning curve on this unit is just a slight slope, hardly a hill at all!

If you've ever wanted to electronically store documents, clip art, contracts, receipts, newspaper and magazine articles or business cards, then you'll love this product.

However, as it isn't designed for most consumer markets, you probably won't find it a your local Best Buy or CompUSA, so look online instead.


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