If you've ever needed to print an important document or contract for a client, but had to return to the office in order to do so, then you'll appreciate the value offered by the Pentax PocketJet® 200 printer.

While there are a number of travel printers on the market, the PocketJet offers an unbeatable combination for those who value true portability. Measuring just 1.88" x 2.17" x 10.04" and weighing only 1.12 lbs., it's hard to believe that this unit actually prints both letter and legal sized documents.

This is especially impressive when you realize that this ultra-small form factor includes the rechargeable NiCad battery.

There are a few compromises required in order to achieve this extreme portability. For instance, there's no document feeder so sheets must be inserted one at a time. Black and white is the only print option, and the unit requires the use of Pentax thermal papers.

However, when you need to print an important document while away from the office, and want the smallest most convenient package, you'll find these limitations entirely reasonable.

Additionally, these trade-offs not only allow for the ultra-portable size and weight, but also provide other benefits as well. The use of thermal paper allows for printing in a wider-range of conditions, eliminates the need to purchase and carry expensive ink cartridges and results in a very reliable and durable unit.

In real world use, portable printing with the PocketJet is relatively quick and the unit is very simple to use. Print quality is roughly equivalent to facsimiles, but graphics are "de-screened" for better presentation.

The PocketJet is typically sold in a packaged kit, with your choice of printer cable. While most will instinctively opt for the USB printer cable, I would strongly suggest considering the infra-red adapter, instead. Not only is using the infra-red print option very convenient for notebook computer users, but this adapter will also enable you to print to the PocketJet from many Personal Digital Assistants (PDA).

While printing documents from a PDA does have limitations (a third-party driver may be required) for many business people on the go, this ultra-portable convenience cannot be beat.

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