Coming up with mass marketing and personal promotional ideas isn't really that difficult. Who hasn't thought of target marketing apartment complexes, sending "just listed" and "just sold" postcards, or realized that newspapers and magazines are a great place for running advertisements to brand your image?

Coming up with concepts is easy, it's the execution that is the road block for most agents, and for a number of valid reasons.

  1. Paying a graphic artist is both time consuming and expensive.

  2. Most "stock" promotional items are not cheap either, and often do not reflect the image we wish to convey.

  3. Mastering "desk top publishing" software is extremely time-consuming, and often results in less than professional results.

With such obstacles, it's no wonder that agents seldom capitalize on the marketing ideas they have.

A wonderful solution comes in the form of Prospect Plus, a ready to go publishing warehouse for real estate professionals.

Not only does this software contain hundreds of professionally written marketing pieces, but it also streamlines the creation of these materials in an incredibly efficient manner.

For instance, agents only need to enter their personal information, slogan, photo and company logo just once, and the software then inserts these elements into every flyer, brochure, postcard and advertising slick automatically.

The result is that after less than five minutes of customization, over 300 materials are immediately available for use.

Then, the next time you:

you can produce them all in just a matter of moments.

On the other hand, when your marketing ambitions are larger than your desktop printer can handle, you can quickly send the job to via the Internet and have them print the project for you.

Either way, the job gets done, quickly and with professional looking results.

While most agents will find the marketing materials very well written, the program allows for editing each piece as you may see fit.

An example of a brochure and a postcard that were created in just seconds (literally) can be viewed at:



NOTE: These examples were not intended for online distribution, so they will likley take longer for you to download than they actually took me to create!

At $495 for the full program, it certainly isn't cheap. However, compared to the alternatives, this software is clearly a value-packed proposition for the serious real estate professional.

In addition to the over 300 marketing pieces included with the program, an optional Support Plus subscription is available ($119 annually) that automatically downloads new materials into the software package on a monthly basis.

Fortunately, after reading this this article, the President of the company has agreed to offer Prospect's Plus and the first year of Support Plus to Canale's Tips & Tricks subscribers for just $334 - a real savings of $280.

If you would like to take him up on this gracious offer, then you MUST use the URL created just for this purpose at:

For more general information regarding Prospect's Plus you can visit:


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