While we are all familiar with the most common top-level domains: .com, .net, .net and .org, additional options now exist.

Of all the options, the ones that seem attractive to brokers, agents and businesspeople in general will include: ".biz" ".info" ".name" and ".pro" - while others are available they aren't much use to businesses.

While registering new domains with these extensions might seem enticing, realize that for the most part, it's still a ".com" world. When someone suggests visiting a web site, such as Yahoo, Amazon or E-Bay, almost everyone will naturally type in the .com suffix out of habit.

Thus, while owning a .pro or .biz domain might be fruitful in the very long run, as we all get used to the new options, I'd avoid getting too excited by the prospect and then rushing out to buy these new domains assuming they're going to be "sure-fire" investments.

As a corollary, consider that even years after new options have been added, when someone says call "toll-free" most of us still automatically think of 1-800 and not 1-888 or any of the other newer toll-free extensions that now exist.

This is not to say that there will be no value in the new domains, just that you should think very carefully before purchasing a domain using one of the new extensions and not make a rush to buy.

In addition, before you register a domain name (whether it's a .com or one of the new extensions) make sure to do so through a well-known and reputable domain registrar, such as register.com and godaddy.com, among others.

The last thing you want is to use a fly-by-night operation that may take your money, but fail to deliver.


Copyrighted with all rights reserved by Stephen M. Canale