If you're one of the millions who are now using Mozilla/FireFox for better, safer and faster browsing, then you'll really appreciate the ability to add "extensions" to enhance this already excellent browser.

Of the many extensions I've tested, here's my favorite four:

Great to settle your curiosity and also to troubleshoot connection issues, such as when you're not sure whether it's your connection that's causing problems or a specific site that's having performance issues.

Bandwidth Tester includes options for testing Dial-up, Broadband and T1 or Greater.

Download from:

Download from:

View in IE installs and adds two new options within the "right-mouse-click" drop-down menu: Open Link in IE and Always Open in IE.

Download from:

AddBlock presents options for blocking on screen, allows right-mouse-click actions to select items for blocking and also a complete control console for advanced blocking rules.

Download from:

NOTE: These were all tested using the latest version of Mozilla (1.0.3) so make sure you've upgraded to the current version before downloading and installing any of the handy extension utilities. Also, the links above can change, so you may need to search the Mozilla site for these extensions by name.

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