If you're using a Palm-based device and don't yet have mapping software, then you must visit www.mapopolis.com and download their free mapping software.

Given the somewhat limited amount of memory available to Personal Digital Assistants, you can't really fit the entire country on your PDA, as you might on your PC. So, once you've downloaded and installed the mapping software itself, you then need to download specific maps for your area.

When it comes to local area maps, most are available on the site, and at two pricing levels. Basic maps are free, but I'd suggest upgrading to the Enhanced version for your area. At a cost of just $4.95 the Enhanced versions are well worth the small cost.

As you take advantage of this software, keep in mind that mapping on your PDA won't necessarily replace desktop software or even paper maps when you're a stranger to the area. The display screens on a typical PDA can only display so much data, and I wouldn't want to drive across country using such hand-held mapping software.

However, when you already know your way around town and can recognize major intersections and landmarks, Mapopolis will get you to where you need to go just fine.

Mapopolis is also extremely handy for visually showing your customers how to get from one property listing to another, particularly when accompanied by your own directions.

For such a minor cost, you really can't go wrong.


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