A great deal of attention has been focused on voice recognition technology, which allows computers to understand the human voice. On the other side of the technology, I recently discovered a unique program that allows your computer to perform the opposite task, which is the ability of your computer to speak written text out loud.

ReadPlease is the name of an affordable software application that will enable your computer to read any text that you copy to ReadPlease from other programs on your computer.

While you can adjust the speed and gender of the computerized reading voice, the sound is very synthesized. However, as the most basic version of the program can be downloaded and installed free of cost, you're certainly getting more than you paid for.

A more sophisticated version, ReadPlease Plus, sells for $50 and offers options that make the software more convenient, functional and easier to use.

For another $10 you can purchase the Natural Voices edition, which contains many advanced options, as well as a more natural sounding reading voice. Due to the increased program size, this particular version must be shipped and installed via CD.

If you've ever thought it would be handy to have your system read email, contracts, and other documents for you, then visit http://www.readplease.com and download the free version for yourself.

If you enjoy the functionality, but would prefer a more human sounding voice, then consider ordering the Natural Voices edition of the program.


Copyrighted with all rights reserved by Stephen M. Canale