If you've ever researched, shopped for, and then bought a new piece of hardware only to find that it wouldn't work with your version of Windows, then you'll really appreciate the Microsoft Window's compatibility web page.

The next time you're looking for a scanner, modem, CD drive or other hardware device, before you buy, be sure to visit:


At this page, you can quickly search for hardware accessories by category, and the resulting page will show you exactly which hardware products are compatible with what versions of Windows.

The site current displays an easy to read chart for Windows 98, ME, NT and 2000, with text based archives available for Windows 95.

With so many versions of Windows currently in use, and so much hardware that often will only function with only certain platforms, this site can save you from endless hours of frustration trying to fit a round CDRW into a square Window, so to speak. 


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