Many of you have heard me advocate moving your communications to e-mail and reducing your dependence on the fax machine.

For me personally, it's been very easy to live without a fax. Most of the people I need to communicate with have e-mail. For those who don't, I can always use the modem in my notebook computer to send a fax transmission.

However, the one fly in the ointment has always been when someone needs to send a fax to me. Sure, I could own a fax machine, but since I'm on the road speaking every week, how would I ever get the document?

The answer for me is Internet-based services such as http://www.efax.com and http://www.j2.com

In a nutshell, what these companies provide are free fax numbers, with local and toll free numbers also available for a fee.

What's so special about these services is that they convert incoming faxes into graphic files and then send them to me via email!

Wherever you are, you can fax me. Wherever I am, I can receive it - with all while simply checking my e-mail.

Another nice feature of Internet-faxing is the ease of viewing, editing and printing these converted faxes. You can view a multiple page fax, edit them, rotate or delete pages, apply a copy of your scanned signature and send them back out via fax or email, without ever printing a single sheet.

If you do prefer to print a hard copy, you can print just the pages you need, and not necessarily the entire transmission you received.

While the fees vary, depending on the services you need, Internet faxing is much cheaper than owning a fax machine with a dedicated phone line, and will save you countless hours of your time each and every week.

While I still dream of a time when no one will ever need to send me a fax, Internet faxing will do just fine in the interim.


Copyrighted with all rights reserved by Stephen M. Canale