If you've been on the net for any time, then you've likely come to realize the power and convenience of Adobe's Portable Document Format (PDF) standard.

If not, then let's just summarize by saying that the PDF format is one which allows a user to "print" documents to a computer file rather than paper, and that these files can be viewed by anyone else, regardless of the type of computer they use.

This means that an agent who can create PDF files could generate a CMA using their MLS software on a Windows computer, and then email that CMA to a buyer running a Apple system who would be able to easily view it.

More importantly, the buyer would be able to see the CMA just as it was created, complete with similar fonts, colors and graphics, even though they obviously wouldn't be expected to own the same MLS software that was used to create the report in the first place.

Another nice benefit of the PDF standard is that it's not capable of transmitting viruses, so you don't need to worry about infecting your customers and clients and they'll feel much more comfortable opening your emailed documents and reports as a result.

Up until recently the only limitation on effectively using PDF files for the average business user was the cost.

While anyone can view a PDF file using Adobe's Acrobat "Reader" (which is free) creating PDF files required owning a full copy of Adobe Acrobat at a cost of roughly $240.

There is now at least one option that's much more affordable. Bluesquirrel.com is offering a program called "602 Pro PrintPack" that will allow you to create PDF files, and the program costs just $18.95.

While I doubt that this software will match all of the features of Adobe Acrobat, for the businessperson who simply wants to send out electronic versions of documents they have created, it should be considered as a great alternative to spending $240.

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