While consumer oriented real estate newsletters abound, the lack of quality and personalization discourages many agents from sending them to customers, clients and prospects on a regular basis, despite their obvious business-building potential.

For the image and quality conscious professional, I've yet to see any publication that matches the offerings of Home by Design.

While most pre-printed newsletters lack real content, weighing in at a whopping 52 pages, Home by Design offers enough solid material (decorating, remodeling, gardening tips, cooking and more) that it can be highly personalized without appearing to be just another marketing gimmick.

As for image, this full-color magazine is printed on remarkably high-quality paper with professional design elements that few publications (in any industry) can match.

While the cost associated with sending this publication to your personal contacts is not cheap, the level of service is impressive. Subscriptions are priced at $18 per year for each contact, but this includes six issues, personalization, labor and postage. You provide Home by Design with your contacts, select the content you wish to provide and they do the rest.

Beyond the basics, you can also use their Web site to add specific content such as local market information, available listings, your own marketing tips and whatever else your personal needs dictate.

Another unique feature of their marketing program that greatly enhances its value is their exclusive mailing policy. Once you subscribe a customer or client, no other agent may duplicate that address. The exclusive nature of their program assures that the perceived value of this personalized magazine will never be diluted.

While the cost may prevent the average agent from using this tool for large mailing lists, it's likely to be a very smart investment for your past clients. Not only will the subscription be appreciated, but the constant reminder of your services and the professional service that you provide should more than pay for itself in terms of repeat business and future referrals.

Unfortunately, words really cannot accurately convey just how unique the Home by Design publication really is, nor fully detail the quality provided. However, if you have a broadband connection to the Internet (or a bit of patience) you can download the most recent edition from:


Naturally, you can also find more information and request a printed copy from their Web site at www.hbdmagazine.com - and, if you pride yourself on quality and professionalism, then I'd suggest you take the time to investigate it further.


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