Taking data with you used to be so simple. Copy a few files to a floppy and you were ready to go. Unfortunately, the average size of computer files has increased much faster than floppy disk technology. As a result, portability has become a problem for many users.

Many users need to move files between their home and office computers or simply from system to system. Others want to have important data (forms, spreadsheets, marketing materials and contracts) available for sharing with customers and clients.

While there are many workable methods of taking your data with you, limitations such as speed, size, power consumption and system compatibility are factors that prevent any option from being the ultimate solution. One that comes close, however, is the Go-Anywhere drive from Targus.

At first glance, the Go-Anywhere drive will likely be mistaken for an ergonomic "highlight" marker on a keychain; though the device does have a handy pocket-clip as well. Looks can be very misleading.

The Targus Go-Anywhere is actually a portable storage device that plugs into just about any personal computer via Universal Serial Bus (USB). When the cap is removed, the USB connection becomes readily apparent. This interface works automatically with Windows 98SE and above, and will also work with older W98 systems using the included drivers.

Moving files on and off the drive is as simple as "dragging" and "dropping" to a floppy disk. On the other hand, because there are no moving parts, moving the data back and forth is much faster. The Go-Anywhere is also much more reliable and durable than any floppy or CD disk.

From a business user's perspective, the most important unique feature of the Go-Anywhere is the built in "Key Safe" software, which allows you to password protect the contents of the drive. Without this feature, carrying so much data in such a small package could lead to serious security and privacy concerns.

The Go-Anywhere is available in a number of sizes, ranging from 32MB for $80 to 128MB (that's 89 floppy disks) for $130.

When you factor in the size, capacity, speed, minimal power needs, compatibility with the majority of existing systems, and also security, then the Go-Anywhere becomes very hard bargain to resist.

For more information, visit: http://www.targus.com/accessories_storage.asp


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