If you're ready to try high-speed access to the Internet, you've probably figured out that it can be difficult to find what options are actually available in your area.

My advice: forget the phonebook and visit www.getspeed.com - an aptly named website.

Once there, just enter your address, area code and phone exchange and it will search a comprehensive database for all available high-speed services (cable, DSL, satellite and wireless) in your area for either residential or business use.

What's more, this is not simply a yellow pages listing service. Make your choice of service category and you'll get providers, prices, data transfer rates and everything else you need to make an informed decision.

Even if you're not yet ready for high-speed access, you can use the site to keep tabs on costs and availability until the time is right; and let's face it sooner or later we'll all have to take the high-speed leap.

For that, this service is a truly remarkable time-saver!

NOTE: You can often get better pricing than the site advertises, but it's still a great resource for finding out who services your market.


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