As more proof that no one knows it all, I just discovered that with Internet Explorer (IE) you can simply press the CTRL and "D" keys simultaneously to immediately add the current site you're viewing to your list of Favorites.

A few other IE shortcuts that I already knew, but that you may find useful:

CTRL "H" - toggles your History file open and closed, enabling you to quickly revisit past sites

CTRL "I" - toggles your Favorites open and closed

CTRL "E" - toggles the Search window open and closed

CTRL "F" - allows you to search the page for matching text

CTRL "L" - and CTRL "O" both open the navigation bar to directly insert web site addresses

CTRL "P" - calls up the Print option

CTRL "W" - closes Internet Explorer

While there are many other shortcuts built into IE, these are the ones I find to be most productive and that I use on a daily basis.


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