By now, just about any serious computer user owns a digital camera, but countless others still use old-fashioned film based units. Kodak now offers a new tool designed to convert even the technology neophyte into a digital photography fan.

For under $200 the PD6000 offers four conveniences in one. Simply dock any Kodak EasyShare CX/DX 6000 or LS600 series camera, and the Printer Dock will:

  1. Recharge the camera
  2. Transfer images to your computer - if you own one
  3. Play slide-shows on your TV
  4. Print 4x6 prints, no computer necessary!

While the first three benefits are handy indeed, for the non-techhie the ability to print 4x6 prints makes the PD6000 a technology to watch because now anyone can print fantastic prints, without owning a computer.

What's more, the continuous tone thermal dye transfer promises stunning results, and the prints are covered with Kodak's XtraLife lamination, making them both durable and even waterproof!

The Kodak Printer Dock 6000 would seem to be the ultimate convergence of the flexibility of digital, and the instant gratification that made Polaroid a household name.

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