In many of my seminars, salespeople ask if they can create "electronic" versions of the many forms that they use in their day to day business.

Aside from simply scanning documents into your computer, which will create an electronic image you can print whenever you desire, wouldn't it be nice to actually fill out these documents right on the screen, before printing a copy for the customer or client?

While I've long touted the value of Adobe Acrobat software for document sharing, fact is, it will also allow you to create electronic forms that can be filled out either on your system, or via the Internet.

Once a document has been created in Acrobat, there is a "forms" tool that allows you to create data entry fields on top of the document. It's easy to use, and allows for quite a bit of flexibility in creating simple text entry, drop-down lists, check-boxes, radio buttons and other methods of easy form-filling on your computer, or someone else's.

Additionally, once the form has been filled out, you can then save a separate copy of it to your system. That means that you can have all the forms you've completed for a client permanently saved, electronically. Not only does this save a ton of filing cabinet space, but it's great for future legal documentation as well!

The greatest strength of Acrobat is that it's a "cross platform" document system, you can create the from on one machine, and anyone else can still use the form on another system, as long as they have the Acrobat Reader, a free program.

For more information about how the software works, visit:


For an example of how the form works over the Internet, take a look at my speaking contract

If you've got the Acrobat Reader, you'll be able to fill in my form while on the Web. If you do not have the Reader, just download a free copy from the Adobe site above.

Once you've got the basic idea, you can essentially throw away your file cabinet, at least after you've scanned your blank forms with Acrobat.


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