Regardless of the digital camera you choose to buy, you will probably have the option to take pictures in different resolutions.

Using higher resolutions is usually only necessary when you plan on creating large (above 5 x 7) prints of the image. However, higher resolutions use much more memory, are slower to transfer to your computer and are really too large for emailing to customers and clients.

Lower resolutions are preferred for pictures that will only be viewed on computer monitors, printed on standard highlight sheets and sent to the public.

A quick summary:

However, it's worth pointing out that just about any digital camera will allow you to switch the resolution settings between photographs.

So, for a real estate agent, you might want to take the primary exterior photo in high-resolution, and then take an additional exterior shot, as well as all of the additional marketing pictures, in your camera's lowest resolution.

This way you have the most options for effectively using your digital images, whether in print or for electronic display and distribution.


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