If you've every bought a used computer, or simply were not the original owner of a system for any reason whatsoever, then you've probably been frustrated by the fact that your computer thinks you're someone else.

While this may only be a very minor frustration when you're installing new software, many people get quite annoyed by this problem.

The computer owner information is contained in your system's registry files and can be easy edited.

However, before you do this, it's best to go to your "Start Menu" then choose "Run" and enter "scanreg" first. This will launch a simple utility to assure that your registry files are not corrupted and it will also prompt you to backup your registry files, if you computer has not already done so with the last day.

Once you've completed that step, then go back to the "Run" command but this time type in "regedit" and this will open the registry editor software.

Now go to the Edit menu and choose Find.

Type "RegisteredOwner" into the dialog box and this will take you directly to the appropriate section where you can double-click the entries for Owner and Organization to edit these entries.

Once you're done, simply close the registry editing software and the next time you restart your system, it will reflect the changes you've made.


Copyrighted with all rights reserved by Stephen M. Canale