One of the most exciting features of most any contact management software is the ability to search not only on fields, (name, address, phone number etc.) but also to search based on the notes you have entered regarding your contacts.

In order to effectively turn this feature into a productive activity a few pointers are in order:

If I've just spoken with a prospect, my notes from a 10-minute conversation may look like this:

The point is that this is enough to jog my memory, covers the basic details and is short and easy enough that I actually DO IT!

To effectively search through the contact notes, you need to use words that are easy to remember, and thus search through.

What could be more effective than immediately mailing a "just listed" postcard to the 20-50 nurses in my database?

While the nurses in my contact manager may or may not be interested, odds are that someone they work with would be interested in such a property and this simple search may very will result in a very quick double-dip!

That is what I call effective contact management.


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