For agents who do not yet have the ability to carry MLS listings on their Personal Digital Assistant (PDA), Pocket Real Estate (www.pocketrealestate.com) may just be the perfect solution.

Not only does this software work on either the Palm or PocketPC operating systems, but it also functions with the vast majority of MLS systems throughout the country.

The result is that regardless of which brand PDA you've purchased, you can likely carry MLS listings, agent rosters and related data with you wherever your daily travels may take you.

If the benefits of such flexibility are not immediately apparent, then consider the time-savings that you can realize whenever you have just:

In each case, having instant access to your MLS data will enable you to provide customers, clients and prospects with immediate answers to their real estate questions.

Whether the consumer wants information on a particular property, a custom search for listings that satisfy their overall requirements or information that will help them correctly price their current property, being able to provide immediate answers provides two important benefits.

In the first place, satisfying common consumer inquiries on the spot (as opposed to waiting until you can return to the office) makes a strong impression regarding the quality of your service and your professional capabilities.

Secondly, by servicing the consumer's needs immediately, the real estate professional can save countless hours each week through the elimination of extra trips to the office. Additionally, agents are also saved the time that is typically required to keep, and track, the details of such consumer requests until they can be fulfilled.

Favorite Features

Aside from the obvious benefits of carrying MLS data on your PDA, Pocket Real Estate includes several advanced features that further enhance an agent's ability to save time and provide superior customer service.

With a "one-time" purchase price of just $199, Pocket Real Estate (www.pocketrealestate.com) offers unparalleled value for the agent on the go.


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